How do you know if you need a rubric?

One sure sign is if you check off more than three items from the following list....

___ You are getting carpal tunnel syndrome from writing the same comments on almost every student paper.

___ It's 3 A.M. The stack of papers on your desk is fast approaching the ceiling. You're already three weeks behind in your grading, and it's clear that you won't be finishing it tonight either.

___ Students often complain that they cannot read the notes you labored so long to produce.

___You have finally graded all your papers and worry that the last ones were graded slightly differently from the first ones.

___ You want students to develop the ability to reflect on ill-structured problems but you aren't sure how to clearly communicate that to them.

___You give a carefully planned assignment that you never used before and to your surprise, it takes the whole class period to explain it to the students.

___ You have worked very hard to explain the complex end-of-term paper; yet students are starting to regard you as an enemy out to trick them with incomprehensible assignments.

___ You are starting to wonder if they are right.

Rubrics set you on the path to addressing these concerns.

(pp. 4-5, Stevens & Levi)

To see some rubric samples,so to sample rubrics tab.


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